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Launching a brand is one thing. Launching a completely unique brand-a true "one of a kind" is exhilarating. Chilldisc is a patented technology that circulates environmentally friendly liquids to bring discs on tabletop surfaces to a brisk 26 degrees. No Freon. No compressors. The result-when cans and bottles are placed on discs, beverages stay fresh for a considerable length of time. A way cool, environmentally friendly and satisfying experience that keeps customers coming back again and again.

4thought was tasked to create the brand and position it to help sell its most important asset—its ability to act as a major sponsorship opportunity to many companies looking for a permanent position for their brands at restaurants, bars and other establishments. After creating the vision, brand mission, positioning and tagline...4thought created a variety of assets that launched the brand including logos, trade show environment, sales brochures, videos, even T-shirts and poker chips for promotion at the largest restaurant and bar show in Las Vegas.