• “The Lost City” in Dubai

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DMJM Architects - "The Lost City" in Dubai

DMJM engaged 4thought to create a brand for a city that had yet to be built. The Lost City is a unique development in Dubai which combines the finest in residential living, premier retail establishments and a world-class resort hotel with a state-of-the-art golf course. This 560-hectare development is themed to emulate an ancient Islamic city with densely arranged buildings and scaled open spaces adapted to the desert context.

It will be comprised of five villages, each with a distinctive architectural character inspired by ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Morocco, Persia, and the high rises of Yemen. 4thought named the villages and designed the presentation brochure used by the site developers to communicate the vastness of the project. 4thought based the main signage designs for each village—and the icons that mirror them—on actual ruins located within each geographic region. While based on a specific fragment, each sign reflects iconography typical to other ruins in the same area.