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Spiezle Architectural Group

Trenton, NJ-based Spiezle Architectural Group is an employee-owned architecture/design firm with a family history that dates back 50 years—an extraordinary and unusual accomplishment in this category of professional services. The metamorphosis that the firm is undergoing positions them well within the context of their current client group as a strong, service and design-oriented firm, yet also introduces where they are today—a forward-thinking, cutting edge design group that can also do the hard work to make sure projects stay on budget and on schedule.

4thought was initially hired to create an capabilities brochure for Spiezle, which established both a new brand direction and repositioned them in the market. After the success of the brochure, we developed a modular website that extended the brand online. Unlike a typical CMS, we brainstormed a solution which allowed them to add and rearrange styled content blocks around within a page template—giving them maximum flexibiltiy to present their content. The new site was designed and coded to be completely responsive, fitting onto nearly every device from cellphones to tablets to large monitors.