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National Gallery of Art

The National Gallery of Art is a world renowned museum focusing on art acquisition, exhibitions, traveling exhibits, conservation and educational outreach programs to serve and educate the public. Principals of 4thought initially worked hand-in-hand with NGA to design a website that had the ability to showcase well over 100,000 pieces of art. Students and art historians have the ability to search and learn about every aspect of the galleries vast collection.

Working again with 4thought in 2002, the National Gallery opened new and renovated space in the west wing for their highly anticipated Sculpture Galleries. Utilizing detailed photography of many works of art, 4thought designed an interactive environment that guided the user through a series of zone maps incorporating an overview of each gallery, highlighting several works of art through close-up imagery and detailed descriptions. The work for the Sculpture Gallery won Print Magazine's Digital Design of Excellence Award in 2006.