The best way is not always the shortest.

Whether it is a Branding Process or a Web Process, 4thought has an institutionalized methodology for a disciplined approach to solving complex issues...and getting tasks done. The results are tangible, with criteria and benchmarks along the way that deliver realistic expectations. Making everyone happy does NOT happen by accident.

Our clients will tell you so.

  • discovery

    The Discovery phase functions as the collection process for all facts, figures, market conditions and circumstances. The resulting information (situation analysis) is used to set the foundation for brand direction and strategic decision-making.

  • strategy

    Articulate the key statements that clearly define how you want to be known (your mission), how you are going to present your products and services differently than others (your position) and what you want others to believe is in your heart and soul (values and attributes). The goal: assuring staff and stakeholders are speaking in unison to the outside world.

  • creative

    Translate strategy into a visual solution consistent with the core criteria. Address corporate identity - the planned and calculated part of the corporate image.

    Create messaging that extends the definition of your brand, yet compliments the visual direction. The marriage of the message and visual approach brings your mission and position to life.

  • delivery

    Driven by communication planning, the brand becomes "real" in places like web sites, corporate brochures, or print and online advertising.

    An integrated and effective brand rollout reviews all media, without bias of one over another, to determine how this is best accomplished.

    Brand awareness/recognition succeeds by filling needs, not wants--as defined and confirmed in the foundational base of information that precedes it.

  • results

    Today, measurement takes shape in many ways. Sometimes qualitative, sometimes quantitative, most times a combination of both.

    The key: making certain that the brand has remained true and genuine to the criteria established along the way.

    If the brand remains honest and consistent with it's mission and values, positive results will follow.

Our web process also follows a similar methodical approach to make sure what we deliver is exactly what you (and your clients or customers) need.